Financial Freedom Clock Has Started

Stop watch

Yes my friends, the clock to the wife’s and I financial freedom has officially started. This journey is going to be exciting for us but we want to make it as exciting for our subscribers too.

Eventually we are going to end up with the financial freedom and lifestyl that we want and we understand that some of you might have the same wish. Maybe not the traveling but financial freedom definitely and this blog, along with my YouTube channel, will be a complete diary of our path from working a full-time minimum wage job to freedom on the road.

BUT, I’ve already had a membership site on teaching people how to make money online. To be truthful, I don’t have the time to devote to that full-time and still stay on path for our own goals. But I can help people “when they seriously need it” and be available on a part-time bases.

Someone new to affiliate marketing though still needs to learn the basics and get up-to-speed on how the industry works. For that, and those who are serious, I’m going to recommend you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the largest community online for those wanting to learn affiliate marketing, how to make money online, and entrepreneurs. There is a live chat that is constantly running and people willing to help you with any questions, even how to quit Wealthy Affiliate. That’s right if you choose it’s not for you it’s very easy to quit and close your account with no problems.

I am a premium member myself, you can see my profile here, and if you sign up under my link I’ll personally help you get started. Sorry, like I said above, I don’t want to get to where I’m spending hours a day helping 20-50 people in starting there online business. Remember, I’m starting my own which needs to take up most of my time. Remember the picture above, the clock is ticking for both you and me.

What Is Our Freedom Life?

laptop on park bench

Our freedom life, meaning my wife and I, is being about to do what we want. Travel, both domestic and foreign, go on cruises, do some RVing around the U.S., etc.

It’s not so much about money or being a millionaire or billionaire etc. We are in our older years now and looking for entertainment, seeing the world, etc.

Naturally to do that I need an income source that is mobile. Meaning I can earn income anywhere. Whether at home or on the road. I know you might say that’s still working even if you’re doing what you love, Traveling.

Well making money online, research, learning new subjects and topics IS what I love doing. I love being on my computer and if I can make money doing what I love doing on my computer then that’s the best of both worlds.

This blog is going to document my journey of reaching that goal for me and my wife. Again, you’ll be hearing me say this A LOT if you’re interested in following us step-by-step then sign up for the newsletter; because, you don’t want to miss any post, video, etc.

A Financial Freedom Lifestyle

Financial Freedom Life?

I know weard title, but it’s what is in the title that matter and will change my life and yours if you’re serious about the whole thing.



This is the most difficult part of the title. We all want fiancial freedom but if we are to learn from billionaires we need two things. First we need to business owners, entreprenuers, etc. Working for someone else, no matter how to money you make an hour, you’re never going to have freedom. Your lifestyle will also be dependent on having that job that you’re not in control of. At any time you could come into work and your employeer can call you into the office and say “sorry we have to let you go”, “the company is closing down”, or any other number of ways to say the same thing, you don’t have an income source no more!


Freedom! What exactly is freedom? Should seem easy to answer but believe it or not freedom means different things to different people. It’s not always about the money, and I can understand this myself. In my studying billionaires I’ve learned a couple things and the first is that money doesn’t really matter to them. Well most of them anyway; because, and this will be hard for most people to understand but, money is controlling. If you let money control your life then just like I said above, you don’t have freedom. Money is in control of you and without it your life is miserable.


Well this one is big because it’s YOU! Your character, emotion, love, interest, etc. It’s what makes you, you. This is also the most important of the three; because, you can have money and freedom both but still not have the lifestyle you want. Just ask a few popular millionaires, billionaires, entertainers, actors, celebrities, musicians, etc. To be happy with life, you have to be happy with YOU!

This blog is going to a documentary, journey if you will, of my path to a financial freedom lifestyle. So if you are interested in the journey, how I’m going to do it, and most importantly my advice on how YOU can do it, please sign up for the newsletter so you can stay up-to-date on all post, videos, books, and content.

Because you can’t sit around doing nothing that’s not a journey. To take a journey you have to be constantly moving forward.

So let’s get going!